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Plongé dans un climat d’effervescence, spinar soon est un groupuscule franco-belge qui explore le phénomène spatio sensoriel à travers musiques électroniques, installations technologiques, et performances hybrides. suite


« Quitte à voyager dans le temps au volant d'une voiture, autant en choisir une qui ait de la gueule... » Emmet brown, Retour vers le futur


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Astronaut brains as beacons for researchers

How astronauts adapt to the stresses of living in space is helping researchers to pinpoint the causes of common disorders on Earth.

From the brain’s point of view, living in space is very stressful. The signals from an astronaut’s body in space go haywire as they float in weightlessness. The inner ear reports that it is falling, but the eyes show that nothing is moving.